Bank Credits

The Santa Paula Creek Mitigation Bank sells Credits that are divided into the following two categories:

Waters of the U.S. (Wetlands), Covered Habitat Credits

Non-Waters of the U.S., Covered Habitat Credits

Santa Paula Creek Mitigation Bank is comprised of five habitat types and plant communities. These are: Coastal Sage Scrub, Floodplain Scrub, Chaparral, Riparian Woodland, and Upland Woodland.

    1. Coastal Sage Scrub occurs mainly on the rocky exposed slopes and terraces overlooking the streambed.
    2. Floodplain Scrub is characterized by woody, deciduous vegetation less than six meters tall.
    3. Chaparral is a relatively dense habitat type that adapted to fires and usually occurs on moderate to steep slopes with dry, rocky soils.
    4. Riparian Woodland occurs along streams and drainages and is characterized by trees and other woody vegetation over six meters tall.
    5. Upland Woodland is characterized by wood trees and tall shrubs outside the riparian zone along the creek and they are not associated with wetlands.

Specifically, the Bank property’s Covered Habitats are classified as the following:

  • Coastal Sage Scrub
    • Eriogonum fasciculatum Alliance
      • Eriogonum fasciculatum-Salvia apiana-Hesperoyucca whipplei Association
      • Eriogonum fasciculatum-Salvia apiana Association
    • Lotus scoparius Alliance
      • Lotus scoparius-Eriogonum fasciculatum -Salvia apiana Association
      • Lotus scoparius-Malosma laurina Association
    • Salvia apiana Alliance
      • Salvia apiana Association
      • Salvia apiana-Malosma laurina Association

  • Floodplain Scrub
    • Lepidospartum squamatum Alliance
  • Chaparral
    • Ceanothus megacarpus Alliance
      • Ceanothus megacarpus-Cercocarpus betuloides Association
      • Ceanothus megacarpus-Heteromeles salicifolia-Malosma laurina Association
    • Cercocarpus betuloides Alliance
      • Cercocarpus betuloides Association
      • Cercocarpus betuloides/Polypodium californicum Association
      • Cercocarpus betuloides-Malosma laurina Association
      • Cercocarpus betuloides-Malosma laurina-Heteromeles salicifolia Association
      • Cercocarpus betuloides-Salvia apiana Association
    • Fraxinus dipetala Alliance
      • Fraxinus dipetala Association
      • Fraxinus dipetala-Juglans californica Association
    • Heteromeles salicifolia Alliance
      • Heteromeles salicifolia-Ceanothus oliganthus Association
  • Riparian Woodland
    • Alnus rhombifolia Alliance
      • Alnus rhombifolia-Acer macrophyllum-Umbellularia californica (Seep) Association
      • Alnus rhombifolia-Platanus racemosa Association
      • Alnus rhombifolia-Quercus agrifolia-Platanus racemosa-Populus spp. Association
    • Quercus agrifolia (Riparian) Alliance
      • Quercus agrifolia (Riparian) Association
      • Quercus agrifolia-Umbellularia californica (Seep) Association
  • Upland Woodland
    • Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Alliance
      • Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Association
      • Pseudotsuga macrocarpa/Cercocarpus betuloides Association